Orange is the new black

I keep saying black is the new orange but that’s totally wrong, it’s orange is the new black.

I heard a lot of positive things about this new american comedy-drama series. It’s based on the  autobiography “Orange is the new black” by Piper Kerman. Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) is sentenced to 15 months in prison for transporting drug money for Alex Vause (Laura Prepon), an international drug smuggler and former lover. Piper Chapman swaps her comfortable life in New York for an awful orange jumpsuit. I don’t like orange it is such a stupid color. It let me think of carrots and girls who wear the wrong color foundation. But they called the series “Orange is the new black” because she now has to wear orange in prison, obviously. In the women’s prison, she finds unexpected struggles and camaraderie within a remarkable group of prisoners. I’m curious about the series so I’m going to watch it soon!



Rtl nieuws

tumblr_m24rvxgkyZ1qapqw0o1_500Gisteren stapte ik met een slaaptekort van hier tot tokyo, gehaast en zonder in de spiegel te kijken de deur uit. Om er vervolgens buiten achter te komen dat ik die avond ervoor mijn fiets bij de bushalte had laten staan. Wat dus betekende dat ik lopend naar de bushalte moest, wat ongeveer 8 minuten duurt. Op een normaal tempo.. Inmiddels was het 08.52 (mijn bus gaat om 08.57). Drama, dit werd dus rennen. Lees verder



Ik las toevallig mirjams blog door een goede vriendin die er heel positief over was en I really had to love it. Het is allemaal zo heerlijk eerlijk, ze neemt zich geen blad voor de mond en veel dingen zijn o zo herkenbaar. Ik heb gelijk haar hele blog gelezen aangezien ik niet kon stoppen.. (volgens mij is dat een goed teken haha).

Vooral een wat oudere post “Day 3: My fears”, ze beschrijft hier in ook mijn grootste angst, perfect. In details maar niet langdradig. Ze legt er gevoel in maar geen drama. Ik had het niet beter kunnen schrijven. Ik raad het iedereen zeker aan om even een kijkje te nemen op haar blog. Door haar blog dacht ik echt “hey, bloggen lijkt me best leuk” so here it is, my blog! Ze heeft me geinspireerd en heeft er in ieder geval ook een grote fan bij!

Mirjam ik ken je helemaal niet zo goed maar door je blog alleen al vind ik je geweldig haha, keep the work up girl! 

Fashion and Surrealism


“You gonna hate it or love it.”

That’s right but I absolutely love it. Yesterday I saw this vogue cover on internet. He caught my attention because it is so different from the normal covers. This apparently is the Turkish vogue of last year November with an art themed issue. It’s a surrealistic cover made by Taner Ceylan. I totally don’t like the most of his other works, but this cover is really nice!

“Avant-garde” part two


We are talking with different designers. The designers we reaaaally want to work with are now in Paris for their new collection. They are going to discuss it, they sounded enthusiastic so we will look forward to hear their answer next week. Fingers crossed, it will be freaking awesome too work with them.

Today we’ve been busy with choosing models, It’s harder than I thought. We want different type models but they also has to match with each other and with the style of the show. In total we have to chose eight models, four for Demi and four for me. When we have chosen our models we need to know their sizes, from clothes to shoes. We already have chosen a few perfect models but we still have to cast a few. Maybe we are going to walk through Arnhem and search for the perfect models. It sounds like fun if you just walk in the city, probably with bubbly tea (that drink is awesome) and randomly find the perfect models. When we’ve found all the eight models and when the designers agreed we will show them to you.

We are going to organize this with the two of us. Demi Lee my crazy classmate and I, we want this show to be really amazing. We’re totally motivated and so excited, my head is almost exploding from all the ideas.

City full of thoughts

art shoekjhart

Today after work I walked around in the city.I just love it, talk with random people about random things, see people walk, observe them. Happy people, sad people, strange people. You feel the energy of all the people walking around you. You can see them think. “I have to buy milk, bread and eggs” “Oh crap, I forgot something?” “I’m running late for this important meeting” “bitch I run this world” “What kind of presents should I buy”. Loads of thought are flying around, positive and negative thoughts.

I walked past the store Fischer trendy and I saw such a great art work that I had to go inside. I loved it, it was full of art and you feel so much inspiration when you look around.