Healthy again

Oh yeah, I also love eating healthy.

What do you think of red pepper or some cucumber as snack. It’s better for you than that delicious purple Doritos chips, which tastes nice tho don’t understand me wrong. I love Doritos too




The first time I heard a song from SoMo (Joseph Somer-Morales) was when I was watching this awesome performance from Mos Wanted Crew. I got goosebumps when I heard Joseph Somo singing and saw the great choreography on his song. Now I’m addicted to his voice I can listen to his covers all day long.

It’s definitely a freaking awesome performance, Mos Wanted Crew is just wauw. Brian Puspos and Ian Eastwood are really great dancers I love their choreographs and another great dancer is Chachi Gonzales, yess they are definitely my favorites!!

Exam week

Tommorow is the last day of the exam week. One exam to go, I need a week free now.. And I need sun, I hate this cold rainy days, it makes me sad and tired. Yes I really need sun and warmth. I actually need summer, that’s what I need. 20140131_150843 (2)


That feeling when you order something and they deliver it so quickly. Really Asos is much faster than H&M I ordered on Friday and they delivered on Wednesday. The feeling when you’re waiting on your package and the the doorbell rings “there is a package for you”. It’s like “OH YEAH!!” and I’m dancing to the door.


Exam week

Hey guys,

I’m having exam week the coming week so I won’t have much time to post things:(

2014-01-30 17.45.26


I’ m so bad in learning the whole day. I just can’t concentrate it’s like: “Oh no I have to do my nails again” “studying is so bad” ” I’m hungry” “hey look I have a message” “Lets look on instagram”. And after about two hours I’m like “shiiiit I suppose to be studying”.

So most of the time I’m scrolling around the internet, dancing and singing to the music I’m listening, doing not

hing, over thinking my whole entire life, reading the British VOGUE from January, drawing doodles and eating, of course that all with my study books in front of me laying there for totally nothing..

Wish me luck this week!



I found them, the shoes I wanted so bad. I saw them on so I tried to order them immediately. But obviously they’re not available in my size. Too bad I always have that kind of struggles with clothes and shoes:(