Kanye west – Runaway

My boyfriend showed me this, I know I’m kinda late with watching half of the world already watched the video but I don’t care because I’m diffrent, I don’t join the hype, I’m not a hipster, mainstream blabla bullshit. Back to the movie, wauw this is art. It’s totally perfect, the colors, the dancers, the music. There are a lot of opinions about Kanye West.  Yes he’s extremely arrogant, expressive, aggressive and impulsive but god damn this man is a genius. How he made this video, I almost have no words for it. It’s a  beautiful masterpiece, this is wonderful..


New Babylon Dutch Design galerie

I walked in to New Babylons Dutch Design gallery and I loved it. I actually love all the art pieces inside and that doesn’t happen very often. Usually there are only a few things I like but this gallery was perfect! This proves that art isn’t boring. Art can look like a piece of garbage to you and to someone else it can be a beautiful piece of work.

20140103_155538 20140103_155613 20140103_155636

Lightfestival in Amsterdam

During this unique international exhibition in public space young and established (international) artists present their light art. These are projections on historic buildings, installations on the street or in one of the city parks or an art work where the visitor can walk through. A special experience in the darkest months of the year.





Yesterday I went to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam with my boyfriend and his parents. There was a very very long row and it was raining  that was too bad. But I had fun with alex and the museum was very nice, I took  pictures from some things I liked. The last picture I made is from a dress. This dress was made by Yves Saint Laurent, inspired by the paintings of Piet Mondrian.

20131227_161937 20131227_155130  20131227_163114 20131227_162552

Hayden Williams


Hayden Williams is a British Fashion Illustrator & Designer. I saw Hayden his illustrations for the first time on tumblr.

He shows his work on his Tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram pages. Hayden has drawn so much famous and different people, from Marilyn Monroe to Beyonce to Disney characters. His work is unique and a really big inspiration, he takes the art of fashion sketching to a whole next level.


“Conquering the world one fashion sketch at a time.” -H.W.


City full of thoughts

art shoekjhart

Today after work I walked around in the city.I just love it, talk with random people about random things, see people walk, observe them. Happy people, sad people, strange people. You feel the energy of all the people walking around you. You can see them think. “I have to buy milk, bread and eggs” “Oh crap, I forgot something?” “I’m running late for this important meeting” “bitch I run this world” “What kind of presents should I buy”. Loads of thought are flying around, positive and negative thoughts.

I walked past the store Fischer trendy and I saw such a great art work that I had to go inside. I loved it, it was full of art and you feel so much inspiration when you look around.