Avant-Garde final

We had models who canceled very late, outfits which are not styled totally perfect, that caused a lot of stress. But we made it! The models definitely rocked the show. We are really really proud of them, they were great. Today was a lot of stressing, screaming to each other, a lot of running and waiting but it was fun. Our whole model crew with photographer was just so cool and nice. I can’t wait too see the real pictures of the show. Here is a little sneak preview.

Now I’m finally going to sleep I’m really exhausted.

Goodnight sweethearts xx



Black lipstick

I was searching for black lipstick for the fashion show Tuesday. But in this stupid town I couldn’t find it. So I went shopping in a other town with my boyfriend and I bought this one by claire’s. If you want the lipstick to stick a bit longer, you can put a little bit of foundation on your lips before you put the lipstick on. We wanted black lipstick and dark eye make up for the models, so I tried somethings on my own face and this is how the models are going to be made up for the show.


Avant-Garde part six


It’s just one week till the fashion show

We already have everything done for the girls, those on the right are two outfits we are going to use.. The music is done, someone made a music mix for us. We chose a lot of songs from Rihanna because she is the style icon we are focusing on. The show is inspired by Givenchy with Rihanna as style icon.

Make-up, hair a photographer, it’s all done there are people coming who are going to help us with that. That will be fine. But for the clothes for the boys there still is some work to do. We really want everything to be perfect.

We still haven’t seen the time schedule for the day, It’s reaaally annoying. How do we suppose to make decisions abouIMG-20140321-WA0007t when the models have to come and when the hair has to be done if we don’t even know when the show starts. I hope we will get it Wednesday.

I’m sure the show is going to be awesome, I can’t wait!!!

My black jumpsuit

I’m totally in love with my jumpsuit so I want to show you guys how I combine my jumpsuit. I prefer heels, the jumpsuit has not the perfect fit for me because I’m a little bit to small. I have this problem all day, every day… So with the heels it looks better. And my jumpsuit is black, perfect, it’s so easy you can combine black with every color




Okee, ik ben zo ver, nu ga ik de uitdaging met mezelf echt aan.

Ik ga een maand proberen zo min mogelijk geld uit te geven en om helemaal geen kleding, schoenen, ringen enzovoort te kopen. Een maand.. het klinkt zo kort maar ik weet dat het gaat voelen als een eeuwigheid. Ik ga deze uitdaging aan omdat mijn shop gedrag echt de perken te buiten gaat en ook omdat ik toch ooit moet gaan leren om te sparen.

Ik begin gelijk met het verwijderen van alle aanlokkende apps zoals die van de HM en de ZARA. De winkels vermijden wordt wat lastiger aangezien ik in een kledingwinkel werk en in een schoenen winkel stage loop. Ik ga gewoon hopen dat ze allemaal lelijke dingen in de winkels hebben hangen. En als ik toch wordt verleid hoop ik dat het me gewoon heel lelijk staat of dat de pasvorm verschrikkelijk is zodat ik het uiteindelijk toch niet koop. Ik ben ervan overtuigd dat als ik iets echt wil het altijd mogelijk is. En kom op ik moet toch wel een maandje zonder shoppen kunnen. Het is hartstikke realistisch ik vraag mezelf niet om in twee weken bodybuilder te worden. Dus “kom op lau niet zo’n drama, het zou niet zo moeilijk moeten zijn” ik probeer mezelf maar gewoon voor ogen te houden dat dit een heel goed idee is en een vooral heel volwassen en verstandig besluit.

Nou jongens wish me luck ik heb het nodig ben ik bang;)


Avant-Garde part five


We’re still very busy with the fashion show. The first of April seems so soon right now. I was very chill and had no worries about the show but I’m getting a bit stressed.

We are choosing which kind of clothes we are going to use on which model. There is a designer who wants to rent us clothes and we’re are making some clothes by ourself. We have to choose the perfect outfits for each individual model. We have to look at the body type, skin color, eye color, hair type and color of the model to mix and match the perfect outfit. We also want to work with accessories so we have to look which accessories matches the best with which outfit. So a lot of matching and trying.