Justin Timberlake

The 28th of April I’m going to Justin Timberlake with my boyfriend and one of my best friends. I was listening to ‘sexy back’ one of my favorite songs from him. And now I reaaally can’t  wait to go to the concert. I’m so excited, the way he dance and sing. It will be a really great night in Amsterdam!



Kanye west – Runaway

My boyfriend showed me this, I know I’m kinda late with watching half of the world already watched the video but I don’t care because I’m diffrent, I don’t join the hype, I’m not a hipster, mainstream blabla bullshit. Back to the movie, wauw this is art. It’s totally perfect, the colors, the dancers, the music. There are a lot of opinions about Kanye West.  Yes he’s extremely arrogant, expressive, aggressive and impulsive but god damn this man is a genius. How he made this video, I almost have no words for it. It’s a  beautiful masterpiece, this is wonderful..


The first time I heard a song from SoMo (Joseph Somer-Morales) was when I was watching this awesome performance from Mos Wanted Crew. I got goosebumps when I heard Joseph Somo singing and saw the great choreography on his song. Now I’m addicted to his voice I can listen to his covers all day long.

It’s definitely a freaking awesome performance, Mos Wanted Crew is just wauw. Brian Puspos and Ian Eastwood are really great dancers I love their choreographs and another great dancer is Chachi Gonzales, yess they are definitely my favorites!!