New pair for my collection


I’ve ordered this cute slip ons on H&M. I really like them but they are a little bit to big. In fact they also look big that’s what bothers me the most. I ordered them in size 37, I usually have 36 or 37. But they apparently fit a little bit bigger, I wanted to order them in a smaller size but ofcourse they were already sold out.. haha so now I’m stuck with this ones. Still love them tho



That feeling when you order something and they deliver it so quickly. Really Asos is much faster than H&M I ordered on Friday and they delivered on Wednesday. The feeling when you’re waiting on your package and the the doorbell rings “there is a package for you”. It’s like “OH YEAH!!” and I’m dancing to the door.


Nike Roshe Run


A few weeks ago I bought these nike roshe runs, I finnaly found a new color in my size.

This model is so small that you probably need to buy a size bigger. Normally I have size 36 or 36.5 but now I had to buy them in size 37,5. If you buy them too small you will see your feet through the shoe. That won’t look very pretty.
They fit very fine and I like the color. Only a very big disadvantage, water goes right through it… So if it rains you’re guaranteed of wet socks. Not the perfect winter shoes but I still love them!

G-star Lynn

20131115_115658 20131115_115736 20131115_120233

Yessss, finally my jeans arrived.

A new jeans from the new g-star winter collectie, I really like it. The jeans fits very nice, it feels comfortable through the stretch that is in it.

I can really recommend this jeans. He’s called g-star lynn skinny blue, its a five pocket jeans. I’ve seen these in four colors, mine has a pretty indigo color there is a small layer of gloss over it. Perfect, the only thing that can be annoying sometimes is that it’s a low wasted model. So when you bend over, you have to make sure that your lovely lingerie is covered. Otherwise it’s not so charming.

Another tip: if you buy a pair of jeans just make sure he feels a little bit too tight when you buy it. A jeans will always get a little bigger when you wear it.