Quote of the day



“Draw a monster. Why is it a monster?” – Janice Lee


This quote got me thinking.  Why is it a monster? I think it’s a monster because it is frightening us. We often draw a monster ugly, big and different.

Are we afraid of changes? Are we afraid of people who are different or who think different? Gay people are not accepted by everyone, they are different. (that’s obvious total bullshit because we’re all human). Martin Luther King was murdered,  he had different thoughts. People love beautiful things but not everyone sees the beauty in things.  Some people don’t understand that thick people can be beautiful too and that a woman without hair still can be pretty.We also make monsters big, bigger than ourselves. There are problems a lot of problems bigger than us that’s frightening. Things we can’t affect. Like a war or like earthquakes.

A monster can be Satan, if you believe in god. A monster can be a “thing” under your bed. A monster can be a ghost, if you believe in ghosts. If you believe it. A monster can be everything. I think a monster is a symbolism for everything someone is afraid of. a monster is a creation of the mind, just like anything else. A monster is only a monster so long as it evokes from you a frightful response.