Black lipstick

I was searching for black lipstick for the fashion show Tuesday. But in this stupid town I couldn’t find it. So I went shopping in a other town with my boyfriend and I bought this one by claire’s. If you want the lipstick to stick a bit longer, you can put a little bit of foundation on your lips before you put the lipstick on. We wanted black lipstick and dark eye make up for the models, so I tried somethings on my own face and this is how the models are going to be made up for the show.



Purple it is!

PicsArt_1384803455208A perfect lipstick color for the fall. In the beginning I had to get use to it a little, purple lipstick hmm what do I think about that?!! 

But I bought one and I like it! Friday one of my best friends had a light purple lipstick on and it looked wonderful. 

You can wear dark purple or a lighter version. A pink purple lipstick, a red purple, a blue purple, a black purple or a purple purple. Al variations of purple are possible. Purple it is!