NYE Wicked Wonderland


This is my outfit for tonight. Crop top, bow tie, skirt, heels and ears from a cat.  My friends and I are going to a new years eve party called wicked wonderland. Obviously the theme is wicked wonderland. I’m curious if everybody will come dressed like alice or like a play card queen or as an other alice in wonderland character. I guess, a lot of girls will walk around like a sort of play bunny. Some will come dressed like a boss. Some in a beautiful gala dress or smoking and there will always be people walking around in a jeans and shirt. And ofcourse there will be some random dudes who act shameless like drunk fools and nobody knows which personage they suppose to be dressed like. That’s how it basically always goes with theme parties. But I still find it fun tho.

I’m excited for tonight it will be so much fun. Beautiful fireworks, champagne and a lot of laughing happy people.

Have a happy new year you all!!!